Clan N Gift Codes (2023 December) 1.5.3

Last update November 22, 2023

Clan N is a legendary group of warriors known for their exceptional skills and unwavering loyalty. With a rich history spanning centuries, they have left their mark in countless battles and are held in high regard among their peers. Each member of Clan N undergoes rigorous training, honing their combat abilities to perfection. Their bond as a clan is unbreakable, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual respect. Clan N continues to inspire admiration and awe, standing as a testament to the power of unity and unwavering dedication.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
3GcHljP7222December 27, 2023
aM5JVObCWK850January 21, 2024
0gk9dVcCq513December 13, 2023
UV74l6GyA9R895December 14, 2023
JyxFNojZA3168December 30, 2023

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Clan N Tier List

You REALLY REALLY need a gamepad for this game! And probably a tablet, too. It seems like it would be a lot of fun if everything wasn't so tiny. There's just too much interface, aligned too inconveniently, to make use of all of the moves you can do on mobile. Even with the expanded buttons; you need to be able to relocate each button independently. I did not understand the other control schemes at all. Also, the number of 30+-second unskippable unrewarded ads is totally unacceptable.

Controls, controls, controls. Thats all i gotta say, PLEASE add a joystick and buttons because when i started the tutorial it was very hard to understand what it wanted me to do. The walking is hard because your finger ends up moving a lot which causes hard aiming at the enemy, and the attacking is kinda confusing. Fix the controls, make them better, update the tutorial and this game will be 5 stars no doubt.

It looks good but there are some flaws in the movement, it has a lot of potential but it looks more built as a controller game than a mobile game. It would have been much better to have different buttons for rolling, attacking, and ninja starts, the movement is so bad and it would be much better with a joystick and have the attack seperat than movement. It has a lot of potential.

Well, you made it alot better with the new control layout but fighting is still cumbersome, movement is still wildly loose and in the tutorial, the fact that you have to take a path that is at the top of the screen behind the character health display is somewhat confusing. I get there's not alot of real estate in a phone screen but it should be used efficiently and wisely perhaps add a little sign pointing the way? Either way I guess this just ain't for me, the search continues for the epic tale

The game is good. The pixel art is a nice touch too but the gameplay is held back by the annoying controls. Allow players increase the size of the buttons. EDIT2: Okay I love the basic controls. The Devs are hard at work, thank you. But there's no roll button and no jump button either. It is difficult to make progress without these buttons. This is easily an A+ game, it just needs refining.

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Fight alone or with your friends in this arcade inspired epic brawler! - Fixed in game Shop save bug.
- Celebrating it's first age, everyone received a new life!
- Fixed a crash occured on some devices while the game progress is being saved.
- Added multi language support with 11 languages!
- Fixed getting stuck at Stage 2-12.
- Fixed missing air combo, added offerwall to store and attempted to fix players getting stuck occasionally.
- Includes all previous version fixes/improvements!

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