When it comes to design choices, the circle and spikes are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Circles represent harmony, unity, and a sense of calm. They are soft, gentle, and inviting. On the other hand, spikes exude power, strength, and danger. They are sharp, edgy, and assertive. Depending on the desired effect, both shapes can be utilized to create eye-catching visuals. Whether you prefer a soothing and harmonious design or a bold and fierce statement, the circle and spikes offer distinct possibilities.

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Nice and hard game. Your award system needs to be different. It doesn't enhance the gameplay in anyway. Better visuals would be highly appreciated XD But level design and "hard-coreness" is great

Difficult but great.

I'm almost done!.... Does this mean there's life after 30? (Levels) .....ummmm NOPE!! X(


Красивая уникальная в своем жанре игра.

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Survive as a circle in this spiky world.

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