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Last update February 17, 2024

CHICKO is a popular fast food chain known for its delicious, crispy chicken. With its secret blend of herbs and spices, CHICKO’s signature fried chicken is a favorite among customers of all ages. The menu also includes a variety of sides such as fries, coleslaw, and macaroni and cheese, creating the perfect meal for anyone with a craving for comfort food. The inviting atmosphere and friendly staff make CHICKO a go-to spot for families and friends looking to enjoy a satisfying and affordable dining experience. Whether for a quick lunch or a casual dinner, CHICKO satisfies every fried chicken craving.

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CHICKO Reviews

It is nice app and has clear videos

Удобное приложение, всё было вкусно))

Приложение не плохое. не вылетает, неплохой интерфейс. Минус звезды за всего три города на выбор (живу в Екатеринбурге и очень хотелось совершить заказ из-за гигантских очередей в кафе). Так же меня растроило, что баллы можно тратить только на карточки (лучше бы скидку какую давали😔)

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