Chibi Island – Island Adventure is an exciting adventure RPG with simulation elements, great visuals, colorful graphics and a special atmosphere. Join a team of brave explorers who are trying to uncover the secrets of the ancient pyramids. Ahead of the heroes are incredible adventures, treasure hunts and the development of their own farm. Meet the locals, arrange your life on the island and complete exciting quests.

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zZ7Br85V3WE October 31, 2022 250
UhxqQISG417l November 22, 2022 941
cwapISe3JK October 25, 2022 249
EuQPxN3zBlV December 4, 2022 477
sVbLPhqG6DY November 18, 2022 244

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I love the game. I have never played a game that gives you so many bonuses as you finish tasks. The art work is absolutely charming.As soon as you can, build the lab thing from the shop. It gives you assorted items you need like woods, clay, stone etc. to progress in the game most of the time for just 200 gold and 45 min.

Money hungry game. The items needed to complete quest sometimes must be purchased. Coins get used up extremely fast, especially when it comes to the animal coups. You have to "repair" them like every two collections, which is extreme. The game is set up for you to spend money and this makes it less fun. I played when it was Island Experiment and I stopped playing for the same reasons. The game has potential but it's obviously a pay to play. Therefore, I do not recommend

Very enjoyable. Sometimes frustrating when one runs out of supplies/energy, but hey, that just tells me it is time to go play a different game for a little while. Some things could be better explained. I have had to learn how to use some tools and/or objects through trial and error. Granted, more error on my part. It might be my age (late 50's) and that I am tech challenged. But I do enjoy this type of game (i.e. Puzzle Craft 2, Gardenscapes, Homescapes, Wildscapes, etc.)

This game is cute but not worth starting because of the poor design. It takes forever to do anything because of the energy system. You can get extra energy in a few ways but it doesn't make much of a real difference when everything costs so much energy to do. Clearing a small shrub takes up half your energy and so finishing anything takes days. Plus they added expeditions that take even more energy! I still play the game for now but I don't recommend starting up unless you want to spend money.

It's a fun game, but it's hard to play for longer than a minute or two because you run out of energy quickly. Everything you need to gather to complete tasks, earn coins or create energy or other items is used up so quickly you can really only choose one way to go. Either work on tasks or build up to create more energy. It would be nice if it used less energy to do things and we got more resources quicker. Other than that it's enjoyable.

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Many new things for all players!

Game Events
Get into the game daily to always stay up-to-date.

The Easter celebrations got delayed because of the storm, but it won't spoil the festivities!

New Faces
Build new homes and decorations to attract more residents.

Aquatic Collection
Give your island a new look and don't let the summer go with some new decorations!

Storms of Life
The ocean runs high, but we've fixed everything that could go wrong.

Have fun!

Name Chibi Island: Farm & Adventure
Version 4.0519
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (26194 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 14, 2022
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