Chess is a timeless game that acts as a clash of kings. It requires strategic thinking and decisive moves to outwit your opponent and claim victory. Each player controls an army of pawns, knights, and other pieces, each with a unique power and role on the battlefield. The goal is to outmaneuver and checkmate the opponent’s king, proving your superior tactics and intellect. With its rich history and endless possibilities, chess continues to captivate and challenge players of all ages, cementing its place as the ultimate battle of wits.

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coKt6sSP985December 6, 2023
Btj53nNbAa916December 1, 2023
XtmnsUJMK771December 6, 2023
bfgnRDqHizd220November 26, 2023
ZKoyb1V5iY699December 13, 2023

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need coins to play "online" and for an undo? I get I need to get better, but the easiest way is to be able to play against actual humans, or be able to undo a move against a bot to see what I did wrong, but to get coins you can either waste several minutes on ads, or buy it with real money, no thanks. I'm sick and tired of ads and in app purchases on the simplest of games. Apps like this are why I stopped playing mobile games for the past 3 years. Get me chess without ads please! HELP!

I don't mind the ads, but I updated this game and I was only able to play the game if I have a heart which don't refill over time. Most apps have you pay, and this one does not, but you've pretty much tripled the ads. If I have to watch more ads then you should at least give a chance (heart) to play for each ad watched. It even costs a heart to resume a game offline. The game is currently free technically but it's also almost completely unplayable. This is gatekeeping chess for new players.

Uninstalled. Energy is dumb. I play on another website/app 1,000x better....because if I'm "out of energy" (2 more 30 second ads) I get it you need ads...I like the game BUT...I DON'T like being #forced into 30 second ads(or 90) and resulting in a full minute of ads or MORE to "collect" energy, just to play. You're forced into sitting through it without skipping forward. If you do this/that it's another 30 seconds(out of energy twice for nothing then again)

The app is sometimes buggy, but otherwise playable most of the time. My biggest concern is when playing against my friends, it should allow me to confirm a move before sending it. Sometimes a finger slip or miss click can ruin a game instantly. On top of that, there is no take-back option. You should at least allow people to take back their moves if we there's no confirmation. And lastly, I would like to be able to review previous moves WHILE I'm playing against my friends. Not when it's over.

This app has gone to trash since the latest update. Not only have they tripled the number of ads, but they now require "energy" on top of gold to play each game. To put this in perspective, you must watch ads for gold, and you must watch ads for energy. After each game, an ad comes on just to return to the home screen. Wanna do challenges? There's now an ad for every move. Even worse, the app crashes while online games load, and you lose all the gold and energy you used to initiate the game. 🙄

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Chess with friends and multiplayer! Train online chess with analysis & puzzles. 🤗 True friendship is worth its weight in gold. 💰
Your favorite and long-awaited 🧑FRIENDS🧑 feature is back!
➕ Add Friends
▶️ Play with a friend, whether it's your dad🧔, sister👧, grandpa👨‍🦳, cousin👩‍🦰, or teacher👴
💬 Exchange observations with them in the chat. 📃
🗣️ Discuss tactics or share how you're doing. 👋
How to do it❓
👉 Click on your profile, then the Friends tab, and send the invitation. ✉️
🤜🤛 Greetings to the friends who make life beautiful! ❤️

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