Caves (Roguelike) is an addictive and challenging game that takes you on an adventure deep into the treacherous depths of underground caverns. With its randomly generated levels, no two games are the same, keeping the excitement alive. Navigate through winding tunnels, fight against dangerous creatures, and uncover valuable treasures. As you progress, you’ll gain experience and unlock new powers to help you survive the ever-increasing difficulty. With its classic roguelike elements and captivating gameplay, Caves is a must-play for fans of the genre.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 3 rubies, 1 diamond, 2 equipment, 4 resources, 7 items, 1000 money, 6 gold, 2 gems

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $500, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, powerful sword, health potion, enchanted cloak.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
RopdvshN290September 28, 2023
fyIn2RNlEW449October 29, 2023
0kywdRmjM193October 27, 2023
pEz1GKOATuN202October 11, 2023
sR8XfcLCA9522October 15, 2023

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Caves (Roguelike) Tier List

Still the best & most hardcore roguelike on the platform. It's amazing seeing how much has been added over the past six years. It still resembles its former self but feels like an entirely new beast now. I only wish there was a way to speed up the action happening around you when there are several friendlies & enemies fighting each other. Waiting for all them to take their turn before getting back to you can be downright annoying. Also needs proper animations & more levels eventually.

This genuinely is the most enjoyable free mobile game I've ever played. Everything about it is superb. No microtransactions, very minimal and unintrusive advertisements. Awesome retro graphics, fantastic sound effects and gameplay that just demands you keep playing. The number of different weapons, potions, equipment, etc. is glorious. I cannot recommend this game enough if you are into dungeon crawlers. There's no story or plot, just lots of exploring, fighting and looting. And thats ok!

I absolutely love this game. Ads aren't bad, you sometimes get an ad durring a loading screen between areas (which is basically after 15-30 minutes of exploring the map, and then if you feel like going to the next zone, a skippable ad is rewarding) and there are banner ads, but getting rid of both of these is super cheap. If you don't have much money, and are needing a mobile game to spend lots of time in and have a fun challenge in, this is the game for you. No paywalls either! <3

Ridiculously hard, in a variety of ways, considering i have it on normal and still can't even get half way through the first floor more than once out of 10 tries. Tempted to only give it 4 stars for that, but it's still a really good game if you can get past the rage inducing bits. Really well developed, great variety of *everything*, and pleasing visuals.

I really like this one. I just keep finding myself coming back to it, y'know? The best thing for me is definitely zoning out & breaking all the rocks in the level. It's addictive in a good way. I also like the scanner & encyclopedias. I'll fill them eventually! My least favorite thing would have to be all the negative magic dust altar effects. There's nothing else to really do with the m-dust,& I feel wasteful leaving it behind...idk, maybe I'll just memorize what colors can have which results.

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Caves (Roguelike) Wiki

Turn-based roguelike RPG. Kill monsters. Improve your character. Loot. Dig.
- Bug fixes
- Added touchscreen D-Pad (can be enabled in settings menu)
- Added gamepad support
- Updated the Settings menu
- Added animation of throwing items
- Improved fire physics
- Added 1 new enemy
- Added 1 new item
- A lot of fixes and improvements
- Improved procedural dungeon generation
- Added new objects and decor to dungeons
- Skeleton King logic has been completely redone
- Increased the distance of interaction with objects for telekinesis

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