CatMuseum is an arcade adventure game with great graphics in a surreal style. According to the plot of the game, the main character finds himself in the wonderful world of a huge museum of fine arts, lost somewhere in time and space. Now he is the manager of this mysterious place, which is guarded by a mischievous cat. Reveal all the secrets of the amazing world, solve logic puzzles to find a common language with the fluffy security guard, and try to find out the secret of your character’s past. Meet museum visitors who will tell their stories and beware of the monsters living in the bowels of the building.

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80yT6eKDfLO December 9, 2022 339
EZvJStPn7jV December 1, 2022 403

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I love this game--it's fun and original, and the puzzles are really nice as well. My one complaint is a lack of hints, or options to skip the puzzles that give you the most bother. Most puzzles are nice and straightforward, but twice now I've been stuck on a puzzle without a clue of how to go forward. It's frustrating, and some unlockable hints would be greatly appreciated.

I'm a big fan of puzzle/escape games and I was intrigued by the unique art style so I tried out Cat Museum. I loved the effort put into the art and character designs. Puzzles weren't exceptionally challenging but the mechanics are smooth and I truly enjoyed the entire game (I paid for the full game since I liked the demo).

it's great! the cats are cute but the atmosphere is eerie. the art and the storyline itself is also enjoyable (and somewhat sad). but since I paid I was hoping there would be more than the original storyline, or there would be more puzzles and riddles. overall, wonderful job for the team! 🌟

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Name Cat Museum
Version 1.1.1
Price FREE
Rating 3.9 (3920 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 28, 2022
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