Cat Force is an addictive puzzle strategy game set in a wonderful fantasy world. But even here troubles happen – evil cats managed to kidnap the princess. You have to go on an adventure full of dangers and bring her home. Gather a detachment of loyal cats and fight against enemies. Solve hundreds of exciting puzzles by collecting chains of identical elements. Use the unique abilities of the heroes to win. Rock the cats, develop win-win tactics of battles and move on through the levels. Rescue the princess from the clutches of villains and become a real hero of the fairy kingdom.

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Codes Expiration Date Total
YIu5V7bngcD December 21, 2022 456
PTBN9t5cbxQZ December 7, 2022 975
fs7ht6x9Qi January 7, 2023 127
62owKxPW9uy January 31, 2023 423
sPmo9HIfe20 January 13, 2023 351

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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The ads often crash the game, stealing energy. And when they aren't crashing the game, they sometimes make it ridiculously slow. The ads are used to get powerups, which in the later levels are absolutely necessary. You can't even use your energy for more powerups rolls until you do the ad for the double roll which then crashes the game. It's not quite to the point of un-playable, but it's definitely not fun.

Not a bad game but very glitchy. I try to que up for a match, it says an error has occurred, and send me back to the main screen. Everytime this happens, I lose 2 points on my ranking. I don't think we should be penalized just because the game can't find me an opponent around my skill level. It's bad when I've won 20 games straight and can't get an opponent around my skill level because I can't level up. Think I'm done with this one.

One of my favorite mobile games. It's cute and a lot of fun but, I've cleared all the levels, a while ago and still get almost nothing but daily/weekly quests to complete new levels and other things you can only do with new levels. Please fix this! It makes me not even want to play anymore. I will put rating back at 5* if this is fixed.

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Feel the power with this latest update: 

We’re excited to share our NEW and IMPROVED POWER-UPS:

- Strengthen → Deals 2X the damage!

- Reinforcements → Calls the 2X Cat Warriors to attack!

- Shockwave → Deals 5 additional damage to nearby Dark Minions!

Test out the powerful Boosters in the Armory! Play with them all to find your favorite.  

Experience our Seasons with dynamic themes and prizes! The higher you rank at the end of a season, the better rewards you’ll receive!

Name Cat Force – PvP Match 3 Game
Version 0.51.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.0 (13428 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 6, 2022
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