In the medieval world of Castle Defense Knight Fight, players take on the role of valiant knights tasked with defending their castle from enemy invasions. As the enemy hordes approach, players must strategically place their troops, build fortifications, and unleash powerful spells to repel the attackers. With a variety of weapons and armor at their disposal, players must lead their army into intense battles, where skill and strategy determine the fate of the kingdom. From commanding archers to commanding siege engines, Castle Defense Knight Fight offers an immersive experience of medieval warfare and strategic decision-making.

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- Get 50 diamonds, 100 gold, and 20 energy potions!

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- 1. Shield of Strength - +5 defense 2. Sword of Justice - +7 attack 3. Potion of Vitality - +10 health 4. Helmet of Power - +3 magic resistance

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Castle Defense Knight Fight

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CODEExpiration Date
1BKC65VJFebruary 10, 2024
HO4YQANC2PFebruary 26, 2024
31XRG5KJQMarch 4, 2024
29FA31DNXUIApril 4, 2024
G7KTVPUYHQFebruary 18, 2024
3IT7V6F2March 31, 2024
JHB2SC8NFOMarch 24, 2024
DN132LWV4February 20, 2024

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Castle Defense Knight Fight Review

I like this game but the movement is a little loose and you slide when you stop a few ft, but this game is fun and challenging but I feel there should more levels and more add ons like gear to enhance and being able to upgrade attributes and choice of who is recruited and upgrades for them as well that way I'd definitely give this game 5 star no problem .

I like the game but when you use ads to respon Your character stops moving and I wish there was also a free roam game play Otherwise I like the game

This is a very nice experience but please add more levels and if you add a menu to buy people while you are fighting if you do this I will put 5 stars

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