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The app was good till just now I updated it. The new UI for viewing listings and editing ur own listings are horrible and annoying for me. Why u had to seperate them and go into new screen to just state the price and stuff? Why I had to specifically press on the details button and shipping options button and make another small screen pop up? It's more convenient to just scroll down. why I can't look at the like list? Just change them back. Other than that, wonderful experience(before the update)

Editing my review due to the recent upgrade. Since carousel changed to the upgrades to "buy now" feature, "make offer" and "chat" has completely gone missing. You have no option but to buy as is. I raised an issue to CS but they assumed I'm trying to buy things overseas- not true and assuming I'm illiterate with the buying experience. My ratings say otherwise. It was a good place to find pre loved branded items as long as your vigilant and do your research. Now the app is like fast fashion.

The notifications need to be better. As a seller, when customer enquiries comes in it is important for me to ensure that I reply quickly. But sometimes carousell's notification is not alarming enough and always gets missed. Sometimes even after I have opened the read and replied the messages, the notification icon does not dissappear, always making me think that I have missed a message or an update.

I really hate the update as now with 'Buyer Protection' I can't chat with the seller on the product to see more details etc. Please bring back the 'Chat' button as seller put more than one item in one post eg. different colours or options to choose from. Now need to buy first and there's not even Touch n Go option, only Credit/debit card and Grabpay... PLEASE BRING BACK YHE CHAT OPTION!!!

Honestly carousell gave me great deals and i had nice experience with it. However it is annoying that it constantly gives me emails when i have notifications on. Also, i had bad experience with some sellers and buyers in this app. Literally. Carouhell. I will not be spending anytime soon due to this.

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