Carmageddon is a term often used to describe gridlocked traffic or severe congestion on roads. It can occur during major events, rush hours, or when accidents happen, causing delays and frustration for drivers. This phenomenon can have far-reaching consequences, including increased air pollution, wasted time, and economic losses due to decreased productivity. To avoid contributing to Carmageddon, individuals can consider alternative modes of transportation such as public transit, carpooling, or biking. City planners also play a crucial role in designing efficient road networks and implementing smart traffic management systems to alleviate congestion.

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I'm only into the 2nd race. I'm impressed with how well this recreates the original game. I'm not much of an gamer using androids, so the steering is difficult to control. One thing that I would like, which I believe was done away with in Carmageddon: Reincarnation, is the ability to change views. I always preferred the cockpit view. Other than that, if you liked the original, this should be good for killing some time... or pedestrians.

What can I say? It's near perfect. Their are two things stopping me from giving this legendary port a perfect 5 stars: One: the splat pack should be updated into this game , for those who don't know, the splat pack was an add-on that added more cars, tracks, pedestrians, etc. Second: the original version of the game had a great first person mode complete with a steering wheel and damage layout. If these two things are added, it will be the best damn app game in my opinion.

Loved this game when it first came out in the 90s. I own every version. Even the crappy N64 and GameBoy Color ones. This is a very good port from the original PC version. 6 out of 5 stars in my book. The controls are the exact same too. So, you can't go full throttle everywhere. You have to feather it. Yes, there's better steering/controlling games out there, but this is the original demolition, carnage, and banned game in most countries. Love it.

For a game that is almost ten years old, and supposedly unsupported on newer phones, it runs great! It is basically the original game with slight tweaks in gameplay for optimization (or less rage inducing with one particular car), but I do agree that it can get repetitive and tedious when playing for long stretches at a time. Either way, it is a great port of an old classic that also uses minimal data.

Not bad at all, but could improve. Just for reference, I have not played the original, but I can see that it remains very true to its counterpart. The car though turns like its on ice. One of the victory conditions is killing all the people in the stage; its fun for a few minutes, but it takes very long and gets repetitive (516 people in the first level alone). For what its worth, there are no ads that I encountered, the gameplay is interesting (besides the people objective), and its quite fun.

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So many pedestrians... So little time. - Improvements to the stability of the game.
- The Car Pack and Track Pack IAP can now be purchased again. If you’d previously bought these items, attempting to buy them again will restore them.
- Fixed the speed UI so it shows when driving under 100mph.
- Fixed the “Rate Me” functionality.
- Made adverts less intrusive.
- Updated the twitter handle to point to @CrashersGame

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