Ramp Car Game GT Car Stunts 3D is an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed racing game that will keep you hooked for hours. Get behind the wheel of powerful GT cars and conquer mind-boggling stunts on thrilling ramps. With stunning 3D graphics and realistic physics, you’ll feel like you’re actually performing these daredevil stunts. Challenge yourself in different levels and unlock new cars as you progress. So buckle up, rev your engines, and get ready for an epic, heart-pounding experience in Ramp Car Game GT Car Stunts 3D!

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8wj4UHvn284January 10, 2024
vpAxQCaRhy774January 18, 2024
XI2vODk0f191December 13, 2023
zXYGih0BLEZ156January 20, 2024
SFsMqbVd2j676December 30, 2023

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GT Car Stunt Extreme- Car Game Tier List

The. Worst. Ever. I have seen games that are pretty bad with the ads, but this game takes the cake. There's an ad before you can even play the first level, then an ad in the next screen, then an ad at the top while you are playing. If you fail and want to restart...you guessed it: an ad. To make this game even crappier, the controls are horrible AND if you're a complete idiot you can just unlock everything for $50-$60 making the progression system completely worthless. What a SHAM!

I love game. It reminds me of GTA V jobs. This game could use a little bit of a better handling in the cars. The cars or some feel slidey. Also I'm not if anyone has noticed this but the game shows when driving kilometers and then the setting says miles per hour. I feel that there should be a setting to change between the two.

Hate it. The controls are wonky and if you go straight, when you land you go to the side and then you fall. Not to mention the ADS. There are so many ads and when it asks you if you want to buy a pack usually in other games you can click another part of the screen and it will go away right? Well in this game every time you click the screen it says "confirm purchase of 24.99? " 24.99!!!!! Who would waste that much money on a little game just to get 5 levels or whatever the flip it is.

Tried to like it. Graphics looked good with responsive controls. Isn't cookie cutter like most other games. However... immediately after naming driver the pressure push pops up on your screen for $$$. Click it off and get an ad. Next, click to enter a race, ad. Click proceed to the race, ad. Ad, ad, ad everywhere and after every single action. Occasionally a short race will breakthrough the ads. Actually fun when it does

The game is not bad but in this game I haven watched too many ads, I have watched in life , if any one want to see ads only you can download this , But from mine experience this game is full of ads and if you turn off your data connection the game will be closed due to no connection to show you ads even while you completing your mission the ads will came between the mission , Tooo Bad experience because of ads 😡🤬

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