Camera360 is a powerful and popular camera app that offers a wide range of features to enhance your photography experience. With its easy-to-use interface, you can capture stunning photos with various filters, effects, and editing tools.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual smartphone user, Camera360 has something for everyone. You can choose from a variety of shooting modes, such as HDR, slow shutter, panorama, and more. The app also offers advanced editing options, including adjusting brightness, contrast, and color saturation.

Camera360 also has a community where you can share your photos with other users and receive feedback and inspiration. It’s a great way to discover new photography techniques and connect with fellow photographers.

So if you’re looking to take your smartphone photography to the next level, download Camera360 today and start capturing amazing moments with ease.

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I love the app and use it frequently. The one thing that really bums me out is the color filter that isolates the color of your choice, red, green, blue, yellow etc was removed from my downloads and every time I try to download it again, it says download failed please try again. I've tried uninstalling the app and re-installing it, I've tried updates...and nothing. I can't even download other filers now.

I used to love it, now I hardly use it. Why fix something that's not broken. I don't like that they added unnecessary things to it. I enjoyed being able to put a natural filter, maybe edit out a blemish or two (which now I cannot seem to), and straighten my picture out. It was simple, easy to navigate and use. I don't mind the added filters because they're fun but the rest is too much. Leave the excessive retouching to Facetune, I don't need to make my face smaller, adjust the size of my lips, give myself a face lift, etc. Other have also mentioned the portrait mode, and fine adjustments that we could do back then like adjust separate colors, etc.

This was the only photo editing tool I needed until the update. All I had to do to get a "perfect" picture, was go to the facial editing section, put the smoothness to around 40, save & go. Every photo came out looking flawless and still real! Never overdone. Now, if it doesn't recognize a face, you can't even use the facial editing tools. Even if you could, the "smoothness" option is gone anyway. I have no use for this app anymore. I don't even know what to download instead. So disappointing.

Does a nice job of editing, but I’m not sure if $29 renewable is really fair, maybe to purchase it outright. Afterall, there could be more to the editing, like giving you greater manual control as well as using sliding bars, and a way to remove a noisy background or at least blur it. Adding a clone brush and eyedropper would be nice. All those stickers are not necessary, maybe teens like them. I’d rather have more powerful editing, and fewer stickers and filters. I also wish that you would make it absolutely clear when you download the app that you will not be able to save your edited photos unless you pay. I thought that was just broken.

I paid for the VIP membership specifically for it's ability to edit hair color with such precision. Now that feature is no longer available and while it's still a nice app, it's not exceptional and I wouldn't have paid for it had I known the developer was going to cut it out. e: Had they kept that tool, I would have given it 5 stars. Not sure why they changed a good thing.

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