The Call of Magic beckons. Step into a world where spells swirl and mystical creatures roam. This enchanting fantasy game will transport you to realms beyond your imagination. Harness the power of ancient incantations as you embark on epic quests, battling fearsome foes and unfolding a gripping storyline. Discover hidden treasures and unlock new spells to become a true master of magic. With stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, the Call of Magic will captivate both seasoned veterans and novices alike. Are you ready to answer the Call of Magic?

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1gNQ9w3lnc727January 3, 2024

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A good game but still missing a lot of activities. No storyline, not that I mind..this game has potential but still need lots of improvement.

There is no update. No reply from dev.. The game becomes boring, No storyline, no events, no battle strategy, Overall, waste of time.

nice game. i wonder it is CBT ?

plz speed up the update

TIME OUT.......DOESN'T WORK.......

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This is the REAL fantasy strategy game

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