In the mystical world of Antia, a little ant named Call embarks on an adventurous journey to become the ultimate Hole Master. Armed with his quick reflexes and tiny shovel, he courageously navigates through intricate underground mazes, avoiding deadly traps and battling fearsome creatures. Along the way, Call discovers powerful artifacts and learns ancient spells to aid him in his quest. Will he conquer every challenge and fulfill his destiny as the legendary Hole Master? Get ready to dive into a miniature world of excitement and strategy in the Call of Antia: Hole Master.

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HAaTwR2c855December 9, 2023
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ZpRhbaD3r253December 4, 2023
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xRCQSo0g9m156December 19, 2023

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Blocking off your players when you fail to properly post an update is a bad idea. This game is literally unplayable now. You've got a couple of days until I request my money back.

Game is fun. Only problem I'm having is since I've completed the main story I've tried to play the hole master part of game. I collect all the ammo but when it comes to use the ammo nothing happens. Ive had to quit the challenge and retry but nothing seems to work. I dont want to delete the game to re install just to lose all my progress. If the game worked all the time I would of given 5 stars

it's pretty much the same game but with some additional mini-games. Usually that would be a negative except for after playing the original for so long this is a great excuse to start over with all the knowledge gained from playing the original. Then the changes from additional content makes it seem fresh and almost like playing a sequel or reboot rather which has been loads of fun.

Very interesting game. Merges Match-3 with Merge-item levels to complete the story missions. Each feels well-balanced, and not emphasis on one or the other, making for fun gameplay. Multiple characters to choose from to build your team will also satisfy any who look to "collect all" while at the same time giving options for team customization.

it's unplayable. i had to uninstall it after downloading it again once i got a new phone. the tutorial is so long and it wouldn't give me chance to get my progress back, just forced me to do what it wanted and the battles went so slowly it was painful.

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