The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Official Mobile App is a convenient tool for Californians to access DMV services on the go. With this app, users can renew their vehicle registration, schedule a driving test appointment, and access their digital driver’s license. The app also provides information on nearby DMV offices, allows users to make payments, and provides access to the latest DMV news and updates. With the CA DMV Official Mobile App, users can save time and avoid long lines by completing their DMV transactions from the comfort of their mobile device.

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- 1. 10% off vehicle registration renewal, 2. Free digital driver's handbook download, 3. 20% off personalized license plate order.

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- 1. 10% off registration renewal, 2. Free smog check, 3. $20 off driving test fee

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CA DMV Official Mobile App

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CA DMV Official Mobile App Reviews

You guys need to fix this app I cannot make an appointment to renew my drivers license. Even the website fix it . It's very frustrating

Not compatible with Google Wallet. Impossible to transfer mobile DL to a new phone. Accessing mobile DL has so many hurdles that it's faster and easier to just reach for your wallet.

This app allows you to do a lot-- appointments, license renewals and so much more.

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