Butlin’s B-Serve is a convenient and efficient way for guests to access a range of services during their stay at Butlin’s resorts. From booking activities and dining reservations to accessing important information about the resort, B-Serve streamlines the entire guest experience. With the B-Serve app, guests can customize their itineraries, receive real-time updates, and make requests for any additional services they may need. It also allows for easy communication with resort staff, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay. With B-Serve, Butlin’s continues to set the standard for exceptional customer service and guest satisfaction.

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Butlin’s B-Serve

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7XIF6V31March 18, 2024
UPT6GJW3Q7March 26, 2024
3QT2DP1UFFebruary 21, 2024
IW3HP9Y2CNUMarch 19, 2024
3J5UTN7DLOMarch 23, 2024
ZAJUYL1HFebruary 17, 2024
BPN63R4Z1AApril 1, 2024
1A2XNYS4DMarch 15, 2024

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Butlin’s B-Serve Reviews

very frustrating experience. they require you to have an account to order (probably so they can track you easier). I thought I'd be able to login with my butlins account but nope I had to create a new account just for this app. they have stupid limitations on passwords, I generate Passphrases in place of passwords but I couldn't use the generated Passphrase because passwords have a max length of 32 characters (length should not matter if they are storing properly (hashing instead of plaintext)).

The app downloaded on to my phone ok and everything worked until the payment- then it just comes up with a payment error. Tried two different cards and neither would work. The same error came up on my wife's phone. Tried in different restaurants in Minehead and all came up with the same error. Found it very frustrating and the staff at one restaurant had no interest in taking our order manually- so we walked out. Thankfully, the staff at the other restaurants were brilliant.

Doesn't work, just constant error codes when trying to add a payment method. PayPal isn't shown as an option after the initial screen. The app itself seems great, very clear and easy to use - but it doesn't function as you can't pay for anything, so it's completely pointless.

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