Bus Simulator is a popular and realistic simulation game where players can experience what it’s like to be a bus driver. With stunning graphics and detailed gameplay, players can drive various types of buses through different cities, picking up and dropping off passengers along the way. The game offers a realistic driving experience, complete with traffic signals, weather conditions, and challenging road situations. Players can also customize their buses and explore different routes to unlock more in-game rewards. Whether you’re a fan of buses or just looking for a unique gaming experience, Bus Simulator is sure to deliver.

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From Kenya ..i ca say its the best game . interior design is good nice busses, good control,, but instead of check points flags just substitute it with road map.and make the journey to be longer enough, and also if you can add number of passengers and change the passengers's clothes,so that it can not be every next level are the same passengers 🤣

Don't waste useless it doesn't deserve a star

Best bus simulator game.....

Very good quality

Just downloaded this game I have no experience

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Feel a unique experience of bus driving with our 3d bus simulator game.

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