“Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat” is an exhilarating game that puts players in the cockpit of powerful warplanes. With stunning graphics and realistic controls, the game immerses players in adrenaline-pumping dogfights and air battles. Choose from a variety of aircraft, each with unique attributes and weapons, and engage in intense aerial combat across different terrains and missions. Test your skills against challenging enemy pilots and prove yourself as the top ace. Experience the thrill of air combat in “Burning Sky” and soar to victory in this action-packed game.

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365OSzg9186January 24, 2024
QC4soye6lw137December 18, 2023
ynTbrIAgp119November 26, 2023
LY5mXQzP2Af589December 9, 2023
WPO9bE2u3U879January 6, 2024

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Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat Tier List

Decent shooter that does the basics well. There's a good amount of content and the regular updates have added some nice new features, but lingering issues remain. Ship upgrades are extraordinarily expensive, and there is a critical bug in several stages (66 for example). Off-screen enemies can't be shot down, making it impossible to complete all challenges.

Convoluted system of upgrading that spans multiple tabs, all with options to use real cash. You don't get very much gold in regular play so if you want to be able to upgrade and survive higher levels you're forced to watch ads or complete missions, which also require ads to even play. No idea what the puzzle pieces mean or what the equipment does, there's no explanation anywhere. A lot more of a headache than it has to be

Completely voluntary advertisements that are only 30 seconds long and actually contribute to the gameplay. I'm playing this on a phone that's tight on storage and memory and it's performance (and storage requirements) are excellent. The level progression and replay ability are well thought out. The unlocking of new fighters and powering up of existing ones are equally well implemented. I truly wish other developers would take a hint and follow their lead on monetization models!

This is a well made game, simple graphics, Great enemy variety, and designs, awsome sound design and pleasing music. Not too hard but challenging enough to keep you playing, great level design, I like how you get power ups at the start; one super and 1 field wipe to give you certainty for the satge. Great planes too, variety weapons and their supers are different, along with their field wipes. Great econamy, plus Ads have a reason to be watched, and their not bombarding you when you do stuff. 👍

Please adjust the aspect ratio for Xperia 5ii devices. Also, evolve drone/fighter quests aren't retrospective, I can't collect the token since I already have drones/fighters maxed out...

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Dominate the sky dogfight with your ultimate fighters! 3D arcade-style shooter - Game system improvements
- Bug fixes

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