Bumper Vehicle History Reports offer a comprehensive overview of a vehicle’s past, helping buyers make informed decisions. With data from various sources, including government records, insurance companies, and auto auctions, Bumper Reports provide crucial insights into a vehicle’s accident history, title status, odometer readings, and more. This information can help prospective buyers avoid potential scams or hidden issues, ultimately saving time and money. Additionally, Bumper Reports make it easier for sellers to demonstrate transparency and build trust with potential buyers, leading to smoother transactions and increased satisfaction for all parties involved.

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Bumper Vehicle History Reports

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REHMB3ZP4L9April 11, 2024
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Bumper Vehicle History Reports Reviews

It has great information on the vehicles from what I have searched for so far & was very clear to me about the $1 being for the 7day trial & the monthly fee after that unless cancelled before that week ends, JUST READ ALL TERMS The only thing very frustrating for me is that the app crashes & kicked me out after viewing each vehicle history report. Also, starting back at the beginning of my search list each time I click on a new car is very frustrating as well . It should pick up where I left off

I was hoping they would be an alternative to the usual suspects that have become quite expensive but unfortunately it failed. It listed zero accidents but I decided to just plug the vin into a regular Google search and it showed that it was salvaged and sold at an auction with extensive photos and descriptions of needed repairs. I just asked for a refund that they politely agreed to. Kind of disappointed , but buyer beware.

Do not get this App. I entered a vehicle that was salvaged and this app indicated that there were no issues with it. So I can eled it and sfter a week trial of false information. They started charging me $29a month.

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