Buff Imposter Scary Creepy Horror is a creepy atmospheric horror game in which you have to save your life by running away from an impostor monster. You are in a huge labyrinth consisting of many rooms. From the inscriptions on the walls it becomes clear that you need to find a package of milk that gives strength to fight the monster chasing you. Move quickly but carefully through the rooms, follow the prompts and be on your guard. An impostor can hide behind any door and suddenly attack you. Use your wits and logic skills to deceive the monster and find a way to escape!

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Codes Expiration Date Total
zPlIDjbsLJk January 23, 2023 107
CHqRAcZ8YNPj December 26, 2022 295
ZawRt9Q1X2 December 18, 2022 537
N6YHg7uXPtJ January 23, 2023 718
fOHpvnqNBVk January 27, 2023 264

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This game is suprisingly good! Over time the novelty of being chased by a buff imposter can wear off, however I must give credit to how well done this game actually is. The graphics are great but don't slow down the game too much, the controls are really smooth and responsive, and the randomized level design, while occationally annoying, can create a great and intense experience! There are a few bugs which can give away some of the level changing illusions but other then that this game is great!

This game has changed my life. I was going through a great depression in my life, not seeing any reason to carry on, until I saw this app on the play store. I thought why the heck not and downloaded it, not knowing it would change my life forever. The moment I opened the app I saw the light and my terminal depression was cured. The sheer depth of the story and the backstory and character development of the beloved buff imposter. Now, over 10,000 hours in, I know that this game is a masterpiece.

I have never had a game impact my life as much as this game has. This beautifuly crafted piece of art has so many aspects including love, regret and hope. From a professional point of view I would highly recommend this game to you and your loved ones, young and old, big and small, this game is for everyone.

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- Bug fixes

Name Backrooms Buff Imposter Horror
Version 1.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.5 (998 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 30, 2022
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