Buddy’s Pizza, a Detroit-style pizzeria, is a beloved institution that has been serving up delicious pies since 1946. Known for its square-shaped, deep-dish crust and generous toppings, Buddy’s has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. Their signature Detroiter pizza, topped with pepperoni, Wisconsin brick cheese, and a special blend of spices, is a fan favorite. With a commitment to quality and a friendly atmosphere, Buddy’s Pizza continues to satisfy pizza cravings and create lasting memories for pizza lovers across Michigan.

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Ordered on the app found that the app was exactly what it was and every time I went to order something on it it everything came through loud and clear and I was impressed with everything and went and through the checkout and even for the payment station. I was even more surprised for when I went down to pick up the items. They were already waiting for me when I got there the vendors people just gave me the items and I was able to leave The Establishment and drive back home

I order dinner through the app, but didn't pay. I got an order time, and called to verify they got my order. And then what, no pizza. I had to order in the store when I went to pick it up also, the app suggests you can scan your QR code at the bottom of your receipt to earn points. Except the app doesn't want to recognize the QR code at the bottom of the receipt. I tried different lighting, and it just won't lock on the code. Pretty frustrating app

I thought is was good at first but it has a lot of glitches. If you exit out of one page it deletes all of your progress. Then I had my whole order ready, exited out of the app for less than a minute and it deleted everything.

Single antipasto salad and 4 Pc. pizza was perfect size for 2 and delicious 😋

Just ate at Buddy's on Plymouth Rd. In Livonia. The pizza was so good, sincerely the best I've ever had. I've eaten pizza in NYC, Chicago, Windsor, but Buddy's is the best!

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The Original Detroit-Style Pizza. Earn and Redeem Free Pizza Rewards. Minor improvements.

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