Marble Puzzle Shoot is an exciting and addictive game that combines strategy and skill. Players are challenged to shoot marbles into a moving target with the goal of matching colors and eliminating marbles from the board. With increasing levels of difficulty, this puzzle game will keep you engaged for hours on end. The mesmerizing visuals and satisfying sounds make Marble Puzzle Shoot a truly immersive experience. Challenge your friends and see who can achieve the highest scores in this fun-filled game. Get ready to test your aim and strategic thinking in Marble Puzzle Shoot!

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pQCEvTSr971December 16, 2023
6vx25kYRtc172December 19, 2023
tPb4qV1Iw764January 23, 2024
ivIpUlJ0wmA198December 4, 2023
mtDayub4Gc824January 22, 2024

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Marble Puzzle Shoot Tier List

If you're into a repetitive game of this style, this will be for you. But if you're looking for something with variations to keep things interesting, you'll tire of this quickly. This game also has no real end. 7656 levels (at present), each level having at least one ad. But the levels don't really offer many new challenges, just constant spins on each other. So you're just in a mindless loop.

A few glitches but nothing major. Until you get to level 1617. There's no possible way to pass that level, so that level needs to get changed. It will not let you shoot properly and it faces the wrong way, when you try to change color, it shoots a ball into no where land. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it just to keep playing. So to the GM, please change that level or I won't be playing it anymore

Got to level 145 and for one thing, it's virtually impassable because there is never more than 1 marble in a row of the same color, and they just keep coming, and I got down to 4 marbles, but it offered me to watch an ad to reverse the progress and have another chance, but every time I watched an ad it offered me to watch another. 5 ads in a row and still it didn't reverse the progress, so got an ad feedback loop and I wasn't able to complete the level. Thanks for wasting 5 minutes of my life.

I cry uncle! I give up! I loved this game until I hit the 900's levels than the glitches began! Sometimes the shooter shot right over and couldn't win the level until I shot over a few rows first to finish the level. Then some levels i couldn't finish because when I hit reverse ad after ad after ad and on and on with ads and wouldn't allow me to finish the level. And THEN colors too close to the same. UGH! Constant repetitive reverse to ads, I'm done!!! So sad!

I like the game but the marbles come out to fast in some of the levels. The reverse is nice. And sometimes when the reverse comes back it is double and it is hard to see where toshoot the marbles. I am on level 449 for a few days now. And the colors are very random but there are no colors that are at least two together.

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