Broyalty – Medieval Castle Defense & RPG is an entertaining role-playing game set in a fantasy world populated by all sorts of amazing creatures. Do not miss your chance to become the ruler of a huge country. To do this, you need to build your own impregnable fortress, create a powerful army and defeat all enemies. To protect your possessions, you need to correctly distribute resources, upgrade your troops and carefully consider the strategy and tactics of each battle. Fight against numerous opponents, get the necessary materials to improve the castle, take part in interesting quests and get valuable rewards.

Active Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy VIP Codes

275Gxrxxxxx Get

- Gold x1542K, Gems x182, Coins x75294

LOQnMpxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x612, Money x16957, Resources x2385K

Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
DTpkJFdxNfwJune 13, 2023116
FrdObotXJiahJuly 2, 2023836
xYRiqZrPcmJune 5, 2023401
8QDqFMk3Er0June 15, 2023601
HJFTpVbSPQMJuly 30, 2023112

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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The gameplay is fun and the art style is great. I have yet to see any ads forced or not. Don't mind supporting by watching optional ads for stuff. The reason I give it a 4/5 is that the management is a little tedious. Having to click on building and accidently clicking on characters is annoying. Also clicking on each building to get the info of when to upgrade is annoying, I would like to see a management interface where I could upgrade/move characters around without clicking on each building.

Game has that hustle castle feel but manages to pull it off in a much better way. My only issues are improvements that would help streamline game play. Update: The update has broke this game, every thing cost way more. And the tournments are just a waste of time. It takes way way way to long to do them to get the weekly rewards. This game could be great but it needs better balance. As it stands this now takes way to much time to just enjoy the game.

Fun game, but commercials, come on. Forty-two commercials every time I log in. No, they aren't required to watch, but if you don't, you may as well not even try to play this game. The he is fun, with the occasional bug, since it's still kinda new. I seriously would give it two more stars if it was possible to play decently without watching dozens of commercials a day.

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RPG. Castle of medieval kingdom! Build a strategy! Collectible Cards and rewards – Let us introduce - the Dueling Arena! Defeat your opponents in PVP and earn valuable rewards!
– Upgrade your warriors with Scrolls! Improve fighters characteristics to create your own unique squad!
– Changes in Tournament. Limited number of attempts per day. Leaderboards and Shop are now available only in the Duelling Arena.

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