Are you feeling overwhelmed by credit card debt? Don’t worry, Bright is here to help you crush it! With the exclusive Crush Your Card Debt coupon, you can take control of your financial situation and start your journey towards a debt-free life. By using this coupon, you’ll have access to personalized debt repayment plans, expert advice, and valuable resources to help you pay off your credit card balances faster. Don’t let debt hold you back any longer – leverage the Crush Your Card Debt coupon today and take the first step towards financial freedom.

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Bright – Crush Your Card Debt

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To redeem coupon for "Bright - Crush Your Card Debt," enter code at checkout on the website or app to receive discount on debt-relief services.

Bright – Crush Your Card Debt Coupon reviews

Before you get this app, you should know this is a $36/month credit builder, not a loan. And they WILL charge even if you don't finish setup. There may possibly be options for loans, but the fee is for the credit builder, and even if you don't finish setting up your account, if you give your bank info, you WILL be charged. I cant speak to the quality of the credit building aspect, as I immediately requested a refund. They do make the refund process a lot easier than I initially expected though.

[My initial review wasn't favorable, but I'm updating the review to reflect the outcome of contacting them with the issues I had with them.] *Update, Bright issued a refund. It didn't take long for the refund to process. But they also incessantly contacted me afterwards to get an updated review. I'm satisfied with the outcome of this ordeal, so two more stars for satisfactorily resolving the issue. But it's only for resolving the issue. This app needs to make fee schedules MORE transparent.

Good Job to the marketing team for making this app seem like something it's not, if you have patience and don't have any other way to work on your credit, and are ready to pay 36$-89$ for the membership than maybe you can make this work. As far as advertising of up to 8000$ loan (apply today) don't expect to get far with that! I have a 700+ credit score and wanted to see my options, after paying 89$ looking for the loan application, there isn't one you have to wait 3+ months per support!

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