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App gives an "unable to complete" error upon opening every time. Quite annoying. Same on reinstall and different devices. I wish you didn't now require exact decimal entry. I almost always transfer out the max amount. It was easy to type any large # bigger than my balance & the app auto filled the max amount. Now it complains & won't do that anymore. It then lists poor Internet connection but then opens and works fine. Obviously this isn't the issue since the error happens every time.

No way to set up an auto transfer to my bank, also makes me enter my PIN twice like I suddenly became a different person in the 9 seconds after I logged in. Also keeps asking if I want an instant transfer with no option set up to skip that screen. Just feels like this app is set up to waste time and make it as inconvenient as legally possible to transfer my Tippy tips to my preferred bank.

Here's my summary of using this app, when i first started using it (about a year ago) its was very useful and worked well. Then about 3 months ago, it started to get really buggy (crashes, not loading right, wrong info). it was still usable though. Fast forward to today, and its completely useless. Doesnt provide any useful features. Now everything is a "premium" feature. Also, their "support" team is beyond useless. Don't even waste your time.

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