Braindom: Brain Games Test is a captivating and challenging game designed to test and exercise your brainpower. With a variety of mind-bending puzzles and riddles, this game will keep you entertained for hours while also sharpening your problem-solving skills. From logic-based questions to visual and spatial challenges, Braindom offers a wide range of brain teasers that will push your cognitive abilities to the limit. So, if you’re ready to stimulate your mind and have fun at the same time, download Braindom: Brain Games Test now and prepare to become a master of the mind.

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jJkyABSl699January 9, 2024
nKfMLBUzuI678January 1, 2024
z2CPnvIUA311December 25, 2023
B8E1p0DzRI7940December 17, 2023
Wlj9G2grZo540January 11, 2024

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Way too many ads. After every single option button pushed there is an ad to get to the next screen. That's just too much especially when you're trying to get to know the game at first. Maybe try reducing ads in the beginning and adding more as the user goes on to get more people to purchase. If there wasn't so many ads in the beginning, I'd give it 5 stars.

Holly cow! The ads. Sorry I don't mind some ads but this is an overkill. I wanted to try this game and then maybe pay for the no ads option. I wanted to see how entertaining it was. But there is a long ad after every small game. I made it 15 minutes into playing before I was angry enough to just quit. Maybe consider a trail without the ads so that the people have the time to like the game before you pour the bucket of ads on them? Too late for me.

I liked the game play for the most part besides when it lags and doesn't let me click the answer and then I get confused and use a hint but it was literally what I was doing. Too many ads, I refuse to watch them for prizes just because they'll be even longer than the ones before and after each short puzzle. Only ads I watch myself are the ones for the second chances so I don't have to restart the whole quiz. I would turn off my wifi to play but I have to be able to respond to texts and calls

Not as initially advertised. I've seen the ad for this game multiple times which was really interesting. Because it's a drawing game, where you're supposed to follow the line of the drawing without lifting up the pen. however, when I downloaded it, that was not what it was at all. it was an assortment of random games. Like add two puzzle pieces to a puzzle, pick the silhouette that matches the picture together. I feel like it's for a 👶

FAR TOO MANY ADS!!! I would love to rate this higher because the gameplay itself is fun. I don't mind a few ads, but the number in Braindom is excessive! I will not pay to remove ads in any game.I also will not keep games where I am constantly bombarded by them. Sadly, I am uninstalling this one. EDIT I saw an ad today and thought the game looked fun. I forgot I had already tried it out. The ads are out of control! That is too bad; without the excessive ads, the game would be fun.

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