Brain Out – Can you pass? is an exciting logic game that will help you keep your intellect in good shape in a fun way, test your mental abilities and have fun. A lot of amazing original puzzles and logic puzzles have been prepared for you. To solve them, you need to use not only mental abilities, but also quick wit, attentiveness and reaction speed. Challenge yourself and try to solve all the furious tasks. Do not look for simple ways and think outside the box. Pump up your mental abilities and find the right answers. The Brain Out game received a pleasant visual design, a cozy atmosphere, a large selection of creative and fun puzzles, and high-quality sound.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
5rEVnbXcSLs February 15, 2023 583
52uwrFSh0zv3 March 25, 2023 555
6tK2MsN8oH February 23, 2023 958
NCdKiv3wVTZ March 2, 2023 389
2OhVPmailpk February 1, 2023 159

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It's decent. It's very challenging, and fun. However, I will not give five stars because of the hint system. If I watch an ad for a hint, I'm gonna expect the hint after! I'll go through the entire ad- problem ones being where they are just demo and have an X at the top- and then click the X. It takes me back, BUT I SEE NO HINT! I would sincerely like this fixed, as some of the levels require skill in math and that is not where my talents lie, so I depend on the hint system.

I LOVE THIS GAME! There are two things i love about this game. 1, It's an AMAZING PUZZLE GAME that really energizes your brain to try and solve problems. 2, this game isn't made of ads, but will only sometimes pop up onto your screen. Other than that, the ads are optional if you want a hint. It can sometimes be challenging and frustrating, but that's the point of the game. I would TOTALLY RECCOMEND THIS GAME TO ANYONE who loves puzzles and mystery.

This game would be 5 stars, but I have to dock 3 because there is an ad after every. single. puzzle. I get free apps need ads to make money. I'm not opposed to that. But after each puzzle?! Come on. At least change it to every 5. I have enjoyed the puzzles a lot. Even if some of them were more tricks than thinking outside the box. However, I just can't bring myself to keep playing when I feel like I spend more time watching ads than trying to figure anything out.

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Make you happy make you laugh.But you will be tricked! Hey! Thank you for choosing us!
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Name Brain Out: Can you pass it?
Version 2.2.3
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (5623999 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 25, 2023
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