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This game is just awful. The matches only last for 3 minutes, you can rarely reach max lvl, your weapon is just a bow and arrow and I'm pretty sure almost all of the 5 star reviews here are from bots/fake. The game gives you gold and diamonds once you lvl up, the only problem is where to use those diamonds. When upgrading your arrow, the cost goes up the higher the arrows you want to buy which doesn't make any sense since I could just buy lower lvl arrows, saving a lot of gold.

game starts but then say you got a box lets open it.... then it doesnt do what its supposed to do, it just freezes and thats all.

Wow very impressed i left a review on morphite lemme just say yall aucked at that but this awesome

Lok "io" but it's not online. It's just bots.

It's good but some bugs Fun Bow .io Games Coupon Codes Fun Bow .io Games Wiki

Intense arena battle! Fight & be the last to survive in this chaotic world! NEW FEATURES
- A whole new gameplay with brand new art style!
- Optimized performance
- Optimized onboarding tutorial
- Optimized battle HUD

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