Dice Puzzle – Merge Puzzle is an addictive and challenging puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours. The goal of the game is to merge dice of the same number to create a higher number. Swipe the dice in any direction and watch as they merge together. Keep merging to create even higher numbers and score more points. But be careful, because if you run out of space on the board, the game is over. Can you conquer the dice puzzle and get the highest score? Play now and find out!

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i4sF2GeJ654January 13, 2024
dzqRaW25uy684December 18, 2023
SEt5BMA63892November 26, 2023
tM7YNbeGgin541January 8, 2024
t7XUDJgyiP229December 19, 2023

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Fun and challenging but I'm uninstalling because there are far too many advertisements! While I completely understand it's a free game and the ads keep it this way, the developers have not been thoughtful about placement of the ads. Instead of assembling and playing a collection of several ads many minutes apart, players have to endure game interruption every 45-60 seconds for an ad. It's not worth it. Thank you anyway.

***Oh come on!!! You went back to the newer look???? Why!!!!!!! 😥😥 **ooh it's back to the original appearance yay!! 🎈👍** **Well I needed to update the app .. now it's working. But I miss the look of the older version. 😥 It will take some getting used to I love this game, but I am very frustrated as of late. Every time I click on the "free 5 moves" the ad won't play and I have to exit out .. and don't get the 5 moves 😥😥

Love to play this. You not trying to beat anyone, no clock to race.. you go at your own pace, it makes you think where your trying put your tiles. Then the only is you try to beat your highest score.

I find it very relaxing , it. also relaxed my mind after along day. Mainly working all day long.

I'm so tired of games like this one where the ad looks entirely different than it is when it's installed. I uninstalled it without even trying it.

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Come to play Dice Merge Puzzle and give your brain a rest! Fixed a crash bug.

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