Bloodline: Legends of Lithas is a gripping fantasy story set in the mystical world of Lithas, where magic and mystery collide. The series follows the journey of a young hero, Ariya, as she discovers her true heritage and sets out to fulfill her destiny. Along the way, she encounters formidable foes, ancient prophecies, and untold secrets that will test her courage and strength. With breathtaking world-building and captivating characters, Bloodline: Legends of Lithas is a mesmerizing tale of adventure, redemption, and the enduring power of bloodlines. Join Ariya on her epic quest and unravel the secrets of Lithas in this thrilling fantasy series.

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- "Champion's treasure: 100 gold, 50 gems, and rare weapon."

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- "Congratulations! You've received 50 gold, 5 potions, 3 swords, 10 gems."

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Bloodline: Legends of Lithas

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W048VKA7March 25, 2024
EHX6ZU5A9WMarch 10, 2024
WME2XL7H6March 26, 2024
V5S3ZB9DX2KApril 6, 2024
UTR7CLGHD3April 7, 2024
NL7XKQ9BMarch 1, 2024
PSDM2RBAXJMarch 19, 2024
L401KWMXHMarch 4, 2024

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Bloodline: Legends of Lithas Review

Highly unfriendly to f2p. To gain new champions, hybrid champions you'll need to spend like crazy to get the items needed. Rewards for f2p is an afterthought. Great graphics and nice storyline. Destroyed by dev greed. For a game that introduces tiers for your champions. Mystic>legendary>epic etc. Forget it. It's all about levels. A green common can beat up your mystic/legendary/epic as long as their levels are higher then yours. In pvp it's worse. You can lose to bunch of level 1 greens.

Its addictive,but when you see bug then ghey say "resolve" its appear again and again and cant see about long term condition like too many server and marge server too long until most player quit with no more active player who stay their current server and go to new server. After all,good but its still need more improvement i only can give 3 of 5 Sorry,there too disappointed that the game already dead,no more "player satisfie oriented"

Overall is ok. But what I found annoying is the power indicator. I frequently lost to enemy with twice as lower as me in terms of power. The funniest joke is when you do pvp (arena). You chose ones with lower power. Then you enter the fight, boom, their power in their profile increase from 3ook to 2m, like, seriously??? I once lost to a guy with all level 1 champion in their team for unknown reason. Please fix this asap

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