Blocksss is a captivating puzzle game that challenges players to strategize and think outside the box. With its minimalist design and addictive gameplay, Blocksss keeps you engaged for hours. The objective is simple: arrange the blocks in the correct order to clear the board. However, as the levels progress, the puzzles become more complex and require careful planning. Blocksss is perfect for anyone looking for a challenging and exciting brain teaser. Download the game today and test your puzzle-solving skills!

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The game is so satisfying. But I would like what the videogame have a design more basic but formal. I recommend the colors like as black, navy blue, navy gray, silver purple and vine (as background) and the elongated shapes like as triangles, squares and rectangles. Also have a option for share or like. I would like what in the scorer this same is activated in the application without the need to open it. Also I would like what the games have a cursor more specific as to the movement in screen

The game is okay I think. Nice puzzle game but I think it is too easy even the difficult levels. There's also too many ads, it almost appear every level or two.

Aside from the game being a 100% time killer and lacking any amount of fun whatsoever for being extremely easy. It''s a game...just not the type of game that would be interesting for me and meybe others. Plus the insulting add showing that people have the IQ of a person who doesn't know how to open a door that tries to get the attention of people who give a damn about what the advertisement department having no shame at all with their insulting adds to the human race.

The idea is awesome, but the game is too easy. I resolved 20 levels in a few minutes... I would love to had found a challenge

Easy, even the difficult levels. They could leave just the ads and it would be pretty much the same app.

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Blocksss - Drag block, Fill up the square Bugs fixed to improve the overall gaming experience

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