BLOCKPOST Mobile is an action-packed PvP FPS game that guarantees thrilling gameplay on your mobile device. With a variety of game modes and maps, players can engage in intense battles against opponents from around the world. Take advantage of the customizable weapon system to create your ultimate arsenal and dominate the battlefield. Unlock achievements and climb the global leaderboard as you prove your skills. Whether you enjoy teaming up with friends or going solo, BLOCKPOST Mobile offers an immersive and competitive gaming experience you won’t want to miss.

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The game is good but has a few problems. The movement speed while running needs to be increased, add tactical sprint. Also the progression to get basic attachments is way to slow. There is not need for the developers to have it this way. Hackers are a major problem and the developers seem to not care about them. I don't see myself playing this game much longer.

Good game overall. Controls 5 star. Game play 5 star. Maps are nice but could use a little work, like having to walk an incredibly long way around to get off a perch...just have a place to drop down. Problem is...I'll have 30-35 kills and 4 deaths and the rest of my team combined has 3 kills. THREE!!! COMBINED!!! Seems a little off. Bots I'm sure. Please fix or you've lost this player.

Nice game i would say. Hope to see bpm grows bigger and greater and better. Also the hack kicking system needs to be build too. The free for all mode has a high latency that I won't really recommend people to play that for now. Hope to see it better cuz i really like that mode. Thinking if the team can add a S686 shotgun in the game for both sides.

I really like the game but it would be better if there was offline mode with bots or AI with difficulty like easy normal hard extreme and a button to choose how many bits should be there in the game and also a button to choose maps and there is one one offline mode training please add offline gamemode with bots it will be a better game and you developers may get a 5 out of 5 rating all time please just add offline mode.

My rating would be at 3.5 The main reason for it not being a 5 is customisation like if we were able to move the joystick make it larger / smaller moving the fire button to a little up or where you want it it would work for people with muscle memory of any other FPS shotting game the customer used to play . The web browser version of this game is a banger 5/5. And finnally thank you for publishing this game my waiting time is done I hope this game becomes the next big thing. Have a nice day !

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Blocky dynamic multiplayer shooter with a huge arsenal. Join the fun! 2 new game modes: Zombie Mod and Free for All
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