BLOCKFIELD is an exciting online shooter for those who love dynamic battles with the enemy, whether they are friends or players from all over the world. Several interesting game modes are available here: hand-to-hand combat, team battles, knife fights and multiplayer. With an extensive arsenal, you are not afraid of any opponent. All types of weapons are available to you: silent snipers, powerful shotguns, compact pistols and much more. All weapons can be pumped and customized to gain an advantage over enemies. Test yourself in exciting battles that will definitely not let anyone get bored!

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Codes Expiration Date Total
bopdSmEZYXc January 14, 2023 363
B5c0rZtEpjY8 December 4, 2022 162
yzSBCOXIUp January 9, 2023 447
3PyiSl18t0F December 14, 2022 471
MWAHx1nmKVe January 18, 2023 705

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Hi. I really like this game. The graphics are correct, I couldn't find any bug and it has a lot of different guns/gun-skins. But there are a few things I would like you to change/fix, for example: I paid 20€ only for boxes to get a knife skin, but it was really hard. So, I would like you to make it possible to buy all the knifes with ingame money, eventhough they cost something like 50-100k. I also would like you to put a new gamemode like 1 vs 1 or defuse the bomb. Overall a really fun game 🙂

I loved this game, very smooth graphics and nice controls. It takes too long to get money though, I've played for atleast 6 hours and i barely have any guns. Speaking of guns, the shotguns are broken, especially the double barrel. You can literally headshot someone from far away and it'll be a 1 shot kill, The range feels like a sniper's range. The ads are very annoying too but i understand why you have them. New modes would be cool but besides that,i had fun. Good job!

This is the best game I've ever seen!!! Although there ads but we are not talking about ads we are talking about the game its so smooth no lag and also perfect for low end devices!! Love this game! And also one problem I cant get the Talon/Karambit Im already level 30 and next I want u to add a thing that u can pick a map to fight coz I just get into random maps but whatever this game is so damn Good!!!!!!!!

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Name BLOCKFIELD — 5v5 PvP shooter
Version 0.9842
Price FREE
Rating 3.9 (58557 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 29, 2022
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