BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ – Zombie Shooter is an exciting action game set during the zombie apocalypse that has begun. You will control the only passenger who survived a terrible plane crash.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
EnsuPjmzLhN March 25, 2023 733
MblFmwL8j3EW March 8, 2023 384
hLwkaRfP6M March 5, 2023 165
7bGcTDQJwFK February 8, 2023 932
OQMrfmzWvup January 31, 2023 632

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It's a fun game, but too short/too little to do to give it more stars. Needs a much more developed story and much more to do. After getting all the pieces of the map there's really nothing to do at all. I think the shotgun needs to actually behave like a shotgun and spread the shot; and the rocket launcher needs an explosion with area damage. The super high jumping is pretty cool and really useful, an I like having many dogs with me but they don't help much. It's fun for a few hours.

It's a great game. Considering its an offline game. There are many locations and places to go. But it would be wonderful and gangster like, if they add motorcycle as vehicle. And i hope there is more mission to do coz its very thrilling game. Also the only prob. is the controller, sometimes its hard to manipulate that causing the game to lag. but over all, i would recommend it. Guys you should download it now, zombies are waiting for ya!.

This is one hell of a game, it might be the most advanced block zombie shooter in playstore. The things i like about it is that firstly, the description was actually not lying, it had a massive map, i doubt anyone would be bored playing this for at least 2 hours straight, another thing that i loved about the game is that even though when you completed all of the objectives, and basically finish the game, you would still have way more stuff to do. Overall, this is a beast of a game, nicely made.

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Shooting game with multiplayer mode. Grab your gun and start the survival. - lot of improvements!

Name BLOCKAPOLYPSE™: Zombie Shooter
Version 1.18
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (31540 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 31, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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