Blob Runner 3D is an exciting and addictive mobile game that will test your agility and reflexes. In this game, you control a cute and squishy blob as it navigates through various challenging obstacle courses. With simple one-touch controls, you must jump, slide, and avoid obstacles to reach the finish line. Collect coins along the way to unlock new characters and power-ups. With its colorful graphics and fast-paced gameplay, Blob Runner 3D is a must-play for gamers of all ages. Download it now and start running!

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Blob Runner 3D Tier List

This is just a funny game. The mechanics are pretty straight forward, run, gain size, try not to lose it, and get a high multiplier. This type of game is nothing new, but the way it's done here is hilarious. The physics for the goo runner is what keeps my playing, accidentally losing mass and then watching a single leg hop to the finish line always makes me laugh. The gameplay otherwise is kind of stale, and the ads are numerous. The comsmetics are also very lackluster, with very few good skins.

It's pretty fun and straight forward. I like how the ads are spaced out or at least done in a way where it feels rewarding to watch them. I think the game stops being fun after you unlock all the hats and skins which, sadly, aren't that many. A see through skin would be perfect for when your character is large so you dont have to run into obstacles you couldn't see otherwise. All in all, a good time waster :)

Okay game, I really like that it isn't as ad heavy as lots of similar games. It's just that there's not much to do or really anything to do in terms of progression. All you can do is unlock skins and hats and keep playing level after level of quite similar obstacles. Was fun for maybe ten minutes, then boring. Give us something to upgrade, or add boss battles or something! Also the ability to duck or jump seems like it should be a given, but its not present

Your watching more ads then playing the game. Even when you skip multiplying your points or skip any upgrades that are ad based you still end up watching an ad. The game is fun. I do get the reason why there is no jump or duck, it's part of the challenge. I don't mind ads when the game is free to play, but the ad time is longer then the play time.

There's only one reason why i gave this game a three star, and that is, for the first time ever, it was actually the same gameplay as all the ads of it. However, on every other aspect (how smooth it runs, how much ads slow and break the gameplay experience, etc) I'd give it a one. For the first maybe 60% of each level is running on it's own, due to lag doesn't let me do anything (and i know it isn't due to my phone since i have a pretty strong one). The ads were too excessive, stopping gameplay.

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Become a giant Blob Before you continue playing, take a moment to update the game - we’ve added a bunch of new features to improve your app experience.

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