Introducing the Blink Charging Mobile App, the ultimate tool for managing your electric vehicle charging needs. This user-friendly app allows you to easily locate Blink charging stations, check availability, track your charging history, and pay for charging sessions. With real-time updates and notifications, you’ll always know when a charging station becomes available. The app also provides detailed charging session information, including cost, duration, and energy consumed. Stay informed and in control of your electric vehicle charging experience with the Blink Charging Mobile App, the perfect companion for Blink charging station users. Download now and power up your journey!

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Blink Charging Mobile App

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Blink Charging Mobile App Reviews

What an absolute waste. I have used two of these chargers (both inside apartment complexes) and they are very very temperamental. If you do not have a good network signal on your phone, chances are neither does the charger. If , by any chance , the authorization does get through it will keep disconnecting and reconnecting the charger. Be careful when you use them as they may end up damaging the battery.

Essentially unusable. Keyboard closes automatically every few characters typed. Map loads indefinitely. Unsurprisingly, the only thing that seems to work is billing... They took $20 from me for future charging sessions, but I can't use it. Edit: I was finally able to order a Blink card and successfully link it to my account and using that works fine, but it charges each individual charging session to my card immediately, bypassing the $20 they took that I guess is just stuck in my account.

Wow, ENTIRELY unusable app. I'm planning a trip to the Chicago area and finding lots of Blink stations. Downloaded this app in preparation. Like others have said, it hangs in an endless loop, wait forever after clicking something, just totally unusable. Guess I'll be avoiding all Blink stations! Thankfully, there are a lot of options.

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