Blastlands: Team Combat is an exciting multiplayer game that pits teams against each other in explosive battles. With stunning graphics and fast-paced gameplay, players can choose from a variety of unique characters, each with their own special abilities and weapons. Work together with your teammates to strategize and defeat the opposing team in dynamic arenas filled with obstacles and power-ups. Unlock new characters and weapons as you progress, and climb the leaderboards to prove your prowess. Blastlands: Team Combat is the ultimate adrenaline-fueled gaming experience for team-based combat enthusiasts.

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the game play is good but damn it sucks that there's no team work and coordination if you could put a setting that the team could communicate or put cignal on the map. dammit guys how couldn't u think of something like that? I'm a gamer my self and communication is a must in a team fight 😒and I was about to commend this to my friends but this turns me down. I like the game but I can't play it when ur the only one trying. cause when I play... I play to win

its a good game


Amazing game!

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Crazy PvP multiplayer action with upgrades, unique units and tons of explosions! - NEW MAP: Unfair Square
- NEW MOVEMENT: Stop, stand still, and take in your surroundings
- IMPROVED CONTROLS: Sharper movement & dash added to right controller
- MATCHMAKING: Shorter matching time
- BUFFED FRED: Jetpack Fred can now dash
- Lots of new features, tweaks, and fixes

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