BlackShot M : Gears is a fantastic action game in the form of an online first-person shooter. To take part in modern warfare (and, of course, survive), you are offered the most advanced weapons in the world: from classic knives with impeccable balance and durability, to blasters and gravity grenades (although many prefer a sniper) Bombs and first-aid kits, as always, are included .

Join the battle on the side of the selected team at any second – the gameplay is easy and convenient, and online players are already in the ranks. You can improve your player, weapons and equipment, as well as develop strategic skills, almost endlessly.

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AH58R6gTlOi February 1, 2023 173
xpt62SJzwHDq December 28, 2022 612
zUoB5W32hE January 29, 2023 270
IzVcdtXeS1j December 16, 2022 815
rMjBt9X8QPh December 25, 2022 580

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Well, this game overall is nice but I would like to emphasize on some things The matching up doesn't take long but whenever I'm matched up, I got kicked out and I have to rematch again. Second thing is that it doesn't have a secondary weapon to switch to and also the grenades are not even going far the distance travelled is so short can't even kill the enemy. Thirdly, there are some lag issues where enemy just teleports. Fourthly, I found some enemies using hacks. Please Increase the rewards thx

Terrible, headshots do not 1 shot kill unlike on the PC, guns do too little damage, guns too inaccurate even on first shot, HUD buttons cannot be resized, no crouching, no secondary and knife, no search and destroy, lacks killstreak announcers. The PC version of Blackshot is such a intense, fast paced game which is great, should have just ported it to the phone, the android version now is really not as fun as the computer one.

Hello Vertigo Games Inc. Look like you guys doing a great job for developing this game, but there's some minor issue you guys have fix. First, the server host system sometime being the main issue that causing me can't connect to the game. So the second issue is there is no way i can resize button in the Hud setting. I hope you guys fix these problem until the next update.

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Name BlackShot M
Version 1.00.015
Price FREE
Rating 3.5 (3304 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 13, 2022
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