Bike Race: Motorcycle Games is an adrenaline-pumping racing game for all racing enthusiasts. With stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, this game will make you feel like you’re on a real bike. Experience the thrill of high-speed racing as you traverse through different challenging tracks, avoiding obstacles and competing against other skilled riders. Upgrade your bike and unlock new levels as you progress, and prove yourself as the ultimate bike racing champion. Get ready to rev your engines and conquer the road in Bike Race: Motorcycle Games!

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The game is full of ads. So I bought the pro version which is also non stop pop up ads. Wasted money there. I have 3 stars in 203 of the 208 tracks in the game and I am convinced that getting the rest is impossible. Simply way too hard if it is. Facebook login does not work which means I can't transfer progress to my new phone and have lost it all. Uninstalling.

The game is a bit ridiculous. Like to get 3 stars on all these levels is near impossible. It is not even challenging fun, it is just impossible. Plus the zombie bike is dumb. It's ability is that you cant die using it. Has great as that sounds, you get stuck on the path. So instead of just dying and restarting, you have to take extra steps. I know that is a very small thing but it shows how useless the bike is.

Ok, so I decided to get this just for nostalgia, and I found one thing that made me delete it almost immediately. When you are having trouble, it does the usual "you can skip the level" stuff, which is fine, but before it does that, it shows you the controls again with no way to skip it. I know the controls, and everyone else does, and they're simple to learn if you don't, so why on earth would you decide to add this?!

Used to be better back in the day with less monetization, but developers gotta eat too. A classic miniclip style game and mobile staple. The ads pop up every several levels but aren't long and fairly easy to skip. The single player is simple fun that hearkens back to the flash game days. The multiplayer is a different matter however. The shop allows the purchase of different bikes, which used to be just skin swaps. Now there are blatantly pay to win bikes. Usually still fun though.

This game is very intuitive and easy to control but the levels are really difficult like to get three stars you have to work really hard she get 3 stars. And it should be that once you've learned the controls popup won't show up anymore. Also that gift card thing I wasn't able to use it so I don't know how to so can someone please help me? Anyway besides all that it's a great game

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