B&H Photo Video is a leading retailer of electronics, particularly in the field of photography and video equipment. With their extensive selection of cameras, lenses, and accessories, photography enthusiasts can find everything they need to capture that perfect shot. In addition to cameras, B&H also offers a range of audio and video equipment, computers, and accessories for professionals and hobbyists alike. Trusted by professionals worldwide, B&H Photo Video provides excellent customer service and competitive prices, making them a go-to destination for all your electronic needs.

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The app is easy enough to use. It is a bit frustrating when clicking through the categories, hitting the back button takes you clear back to the home page instead of one category up. Aside from that, after the last update I am unable to use the search bar. The keyboard shows up, the search bar isn't visible and if I try to type and hit enter, nothing happens. UPDATE: The search/keyboard issue has in fact been resolved. Awarding one more start! I'll give up the last start when the click-through navigation is fixed. ;-)

Update: the app is still a mess but at least I can log in most of the time. Checking out is highly unreliable and often causes the app to lock up and crash. Sometimes I can get it working by force stopping it, others I have to uninstall and reinstall. Basically, I think uninstalling this is best and using the desktop interface instead of the path forward. Why this was ever changed from the previous version is a mystery because that app was great.

The site is easy to navigate and clearly explains items. It does much better than Amazon with searches. Amazon shows me tons of irrelevant useless links with the specific item I seek lost among them, seldom with useful alternatives. You put my item on top and suggest other interesting choices. My only concern is that you are always bragging that you offer great bargains and that you have a big sale on, when you are selling the products for the same price as Adorama, Amazon, etc etc etc.

Decent but after 10 years you should be able to correct major issues. The order history has never worked properly. Once you select orders, you are shown only the most recent order. The screen blocks your ability to access the orders tab once selected, which would allow you to choose the date, range or item you want to see. Unfortunately, after all this time, that feature remains obscured and unaccessible. There is no excuse for not updating and correcting this glaring problem. Thank you

The B&H app used to be amazing about a year ago. Now it's getting worse with each update. Used to be an amazing experience finding products it felt like an app. Now it's like a unstable web browsing experience. The photo viewing is very bad. You can't swipe from one picture to the next after you opened a picture in full view. And when going back from an opened image it takes you out of the product page. And you can't scroll down to see other products. I hope to come back soon changing to a 5 st

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