Bethesda® Pinball is an exciting new way to enjoy your favorite Bethesda® game franchises on a pinball table. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, you can experience the world of Fallout®, DOOM®, and The Elder Scrolls® like never before. Engage in epic battles, complete quests, and advance through levels as you play on themed pinball tables inspired by these iconic games. Choose your favorite character, master the special abilities, and aim for high scores. Bethesda® Pinball brings the action and adventure of these beloved game worlds into the realm of pinball. Play now and unleash your inner gaming hero.

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- 10 gold, 2 resources, 5 gems, 1 diamond, 3 rubies, 4 items, 2 equipment, 100 money, 1,000 gold, 8 diamonds, 5 resources

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $100, 2 diamonds, 500 resources, epic equipment, rare items, 10 keys.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
Y5Dam6Rj745November 5, 2023
6TIcGOgYlR826November 19, 2023
ua5Ufrn4C948October 24, 2023
we17bCh0yDi424November 13, 2023
I8HlmZSajJ611October 9, 2023

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Bethesda® Pinball Tier List

The game is a good game but you have to wait afew hours after playing 3 times. Tho the game is free you have to pay money to play as much as you want and offline. You pick one starting theme then you work your way to the next which is a long and drawn out process the some of my friends and I didnt make it to because the same theme gets old after a while. Besides that the art is amazing and the actual gameplay is great

It was a short lived experience. Played it once, fantastic graphics and very smooth play. Short play time, but I thought I'd get back later. I tried to sign in several times, bit it told me that my attempt had failed. If it's this much trouble after signing out the first time, there are other games that are such a hassle. I ended up removing it.

This is basically just a demo. You can only play three 3-minute (timed) matches every 12 hours. You earn enough coins doing those to buy one or two tries at a table without a timer (120 coins per try) which is actually fun. Its buggy, flippers always get stuck when answering prompts, and it feels like its rigged (starting a mission really makes the ball want to drain), but you can get an idea of the game they want you to buy. Given the amount of waiting tho, I can't rate this very highly.

Hot, fiery garbage. The tables look beautiful, But this game is absolutely rigged. I used a screen recorder to show the ball rolling down the board, then clearly curving on its own (with zero input) to fall in between the flippers. And when I try to nudge the table, nothing happens. It works any other time. But as soon as the ball shoots to the center, the nudge feature magically stops working. All 3 tables do this, it's just absolutely ridiculous!

Not Mature, but had Huge Potential of being Amazing. The speed of movement is excessively fast. maybe add an adjustable setting.The colors blend too much so sight of the ball gets lost. Put some more effort into the colors and scheme. Some object could use some help with transparency. The flippers are either to slow or too fast. Possibly make this adjustable as well. Just my two cents worth.

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Bethesda® Pinball features tables based on three iconic Bethesda franchises. Fixed a crash when claiming challenge chest

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