Beli is an online marketplace where you can find and purchase all your favorite products. With a wide range of categories including electronics, fashion, home decor, and more, Beli has something for everyone. The platform offers a seamless shopping experience, with secure payment options and reliable delivery services. Whether you’re looking for the latest gadget, trendy clothing, or unique home accessories, Beli has it all. So go ahead, explore the endless options and shop till you drop on Beli!

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The app lags, and several restaurants won't let me add them to a list when I click on them. The screen turns grey and I get a loading wheel for a few seconds, then it returns to the search without adding the restaurant to my list or ranking it. Also no way to add locations that don't appear in search. If either/both of these get fixed the app will easily be a 5 ⭐ for me!

I don't normally write reviews for apps, but this app deserves it. It's super easy to use and an absolutely amazing idea. I love that the developers are so involved and take feedback as well. When my girlfriend had an issue, she opened up a support case, and they actually responded and took the feedback! I also notice new features being added as time goes on. Having the ability to look at your restaurants on a map is huge, and I absolutely love it. Overall, it is a very solid app.

This is the app I've wanted since 2017. Quick and easy way to add restaurants, creative yet practical way to rate them, and has a well-integrated social component. I think there's a lot of excellent potential and hits the 90% of what I've always wanted in a restaurant tracking app. My main feature request is to allow for different rating lanes, so coffee shops, dessert shops, and bars are not rated against restaurants!

Ok this app is actually amazing and as a culinary student with the familiar huge Google maps (or mental) list of places to go — this app is genuinely a game changer. It has everything I could possibly ask it to have and it's so new!! Genuinely kudos to the surprisingly small team behind!

The app is ok. 2 problems: 1. There aren't enough categories. Categories like Fast food, fine dining, ethnic, etc would be helpful. 2. Rankings - I'm asked to compare a high end restaurant with a burger joint. This makes no sense. Resolve #1 and then tie the rankings to restaurants within that category.

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