Beholder 2 is a continuation of the popular dystopian simulator. The action takes place in the same gloomy totalitarian state of Helmer, ruled by the Wise Leader.

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WSp3AIxxxxx Get

- Gold x4658K, Gems x154, Coins x41926

i8Tv0wxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x965, Money x49653, Resources x7834K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
RpUGjLVN8WfJuly 3, 2023648
fUqhJSEgwHT1July 7, 2023759
eC9ESDv8NXJune 21, 2023426
5ScGQqFWXtzJune 8, 2023863
mQsrwNbZiRJJuly 3, 2023372

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Amazing story and fun gameplay, but the save feature (both auto and manual) is basically broken. It's a coin toss whether or not your latest save will still be there when you come back to the game. I tried workin with it, but after nearly 7 HOURS of gameplay was lost, I'm done. Seems to be no fix in sight, dont bother downloading.

Where are my savegames going? I make it habit to save after anything happens (because game crashes every 5 minutes!) I load the game up, and those saves and autosaves don't exist! I lose about 30 minutes of game progress! I've replayed things so many times! I'm also playing on the lowest possible settings. My phone can play most games at high graphics. If it's fixed I will edit my review and give five stars because the storyline is great it's just terribly buggy.

You'll need to lookup guides on this game to have fun, and you'll need to manually save constantly because one wrong decision will put you in an endless loop requiring you to start over completely after 10+ hours of progress. This game is pretty unforgiving, there are some paths that take an hour to go down and the whole thing ends up being a waste that ends the game because the first step in that path was doomed.

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Story-rich multi-ending game about life in the Ministry of a totalitarian state The Ministry of Minor Corrections has implemented some minor corrections.
The services of the Ministry of Critical Bugs were not required.
All Hail the Wise Leader!

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