“Beedom” is an engaging and immersive casual strategy game that puts players in control of their own bee colony. With vibrant graphics and intuitive gameplay, players must manage resources, build hive structures, and defend against natural hazards to ensure the colony’s survival and expansion. Strategic decision-making is key as players navigate through various levels and challenges, interacting with other colonies and wildlife along the way. Whether it’s protecting the queen bee or harvesting honey, “Beedom” offers a fun and rewarding experience for players of all ages, combining the excitement of strategy gaming with the fascinating world of bees.

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- 1. 100 coins, 2 gems, 300 energy for Beedom.

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- Congratulations! 50 gems, 100 gold, 25 energy, and a booster.

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Beedom: Casual Strategy Game

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VF08S9PBMarch 31, 2024
AS1KZ3HFQBMarch 20, 2024
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QSMIA5YP0ZDFebruary 17, 2024
8ZW0BI5JFSMarch 16, 2024
D2F1TWQUApril 8, 2024
R1EBDCK85IApril 2, 2024
2BXI6TRK4March 24, 2024

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Beedom: Casual Strategy Game Review

There is no limit to the number of buildings you can buy, resulting in little to no structure. Some kind of limitation would force players to focus on other buildings. I filled my base with flowers before uninstalling. It's more of a space management game than anything else. This game would also do just fine without copying other games like Whiteout Survival. Similarity doesn't hurt but the reward system is literally an exact copy.

It should be 5 star, cause i realy loved this game, when i first played it, i cant stop playing it, but know when i knew s3-s8 will merge together, i lost hope, considering we are the newest server to will join other server, and probably make us zeroed and make the game DEAD, it will have a total chaos when 6-server merge happenes.

Fine controls. Great designs and all that casual building stuff but I will say I got this game based on the ad which is a lie. I was promised being able to select a species of bug such as spiders and ants along with bees. This is a BEE game so this is false advertising. Why do mobile games always lie about what they actually are? I would have kept playing this if the game was honest with me. If you enjoy this game great, but I can't and won't support games that outright lie to get my money.

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