Battlecruisers were a type of warship developed in the early 20th century. They were larger and faster than traditional cruisers, with heavier armament. The concept behind battlecruisers was to create a ship that could outrun any battleship and outgun any cruiser. However, their design was eventually criticized for sacrificing armor protection for speed and firepower. Battlecruisers played a significant role in World War I, but their vulnerability became evident during the Battle of Jutland, where several were sunk by battleships.

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I absolutely love this game. I beat the entire single player in two days on normal, and am currently playing again on hard. I Love the variety of weapons and equipment, and honestly I would love to have dozens and dozens more. I also really like that the music changes based on what weapons are built. Its hard to get into a multiplayer match, but I understand its going global soon so that's excusable. Excited to see the game continue to grow! Keep up the great work!

Goofy game about a robot accidentally stealing a battleship and sinking everything else, 10/10. Seriously though, it's actually a very solid game. Lots of strategy and customization, and the only way to really get stuck on a level is to NOT try something else. Planes don't work? Try boats. Boats fail? Well that's what long-range artillery and lasers are for. Music is a bit repetitive, but nothing that's gonna really ruin the game.

5 star single player, 2 star multiplayer. Single player is super fun, and storyline is funny. Multiplayer has many bugs and I have faced enemies with weapons I cannot use, so I get thrashed. I have looked online to see if there is a special way to get new weapons, but I have found nothing Latest update makes 1v1 unplayable - game lags terribly and freezes.

This is an excellent game overall! The art style is very pleasant. The story is fun and whimsical. The game play is easy to pick up and doesn't get boring quickly. My only complaint is that online play (which is optional) seems a little unstable; however, I downloaded this game 2 days after the update that introduced online play. I am very impressed with this game. Well done, Pete and the gang!

Ive played a few levels and i love the gameplay, it may be simple but its very fun and theres abunch of room for improvement!! I love the silly story, random fake ads, the art style, and the general vibe of the game! I hope you guys are successful and possibly expand to pc because this game would be sick on my computer!

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Explosive mechanized showdowns on post-apocalyptic Flooded Earth. Weapon variants can be bought in the shop for non-purchasable in-game currency! No pay-to-win, ever. New stock every day. Try the TripleFire MissilePod or a RapidFire TeslaCoil, and 30+ more. 150 new variants coming soon.

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