Meet Clash of the Geniuses, the first game to take the best of the quiz and RPG genres. In it, you can simultaneously spend time not boring – and with benefit!
“Battle of Geniuses” is more than 50,000 verified author’s questions from different areas of knowledge from the players of “What? Where? When?”, modern graphics and the ability to “pump” the characters. And at the same time – and “pumping” yourself!

After all, learning and learning new things while playing is the essence of the popular concept of edutainment, which formed the basis of the game. You can literally become a genius here. The “Battle of the Geniuses” features 15 characters drawn in detail from prominent people of various eras, from Albert Einstein to Marie Curie. If the choice of character does not suit you, you can change it during the game. And also – to diversify his inventory and wardrobe by buying items (there are more than 150 in total) for gems, the local currency. You can earn gems with your own intelligence. To be smarter means to be richer! History, geography, science, art, sports – show your knowledge in these categories, fight against real opponents in real time and enter the Top 100 players of the country and the world. BeGenius – develop your genius by playing.

Active Battle of Geniuses: Royale Tri VIP Codes

P9k4abxxxxx Get

- Gold x4521K, Gems x213, Coins x39658

BWXrjYxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x291, Money x16934, Resources x9356K

Battle of Geniuses: Royale Tri Codes

List of Battle of Geniuses: Royale Tri Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
RxbwJ1X4ldIJuly 19, 2023982
1stQoZXhH7BwJune 3, 2023267
GkTOf28APBJune 7, 2023639
gCeNuVyLWS0June 21, 2023558
SuRndefBQG1July 15, 2023176

How to exchange the promo code??

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Redeem Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
Battle of Geniuses: Royale Tri Redeem Code

Battle of Geniuses: Royale Tri Tier List

Two points for the idea but the game is struggling. I've played less than 100 games and questions are repeated frequently. Besides, the algorithm of choosing of an opponent is really weak since it can't find an opponent that is close to your level, you have always plus with a much stronger player that is 4-6 level higher than you.

Let's analyze bad thing at this game: even if any opponent have low upgrades,they can do a lot of damage : even though they have only 1-3 eagles , hammers etc. . In addition to this , you can get dark screen after exiting the battle and during the battle there could be a situation when you cannot put your answer , it blocks . Good thing are known by everyone . Hope that you will fix it , thanks.

I really want to love this game because when it works it's great but too often there is connection problems that either means I miss a question or I'm too late to answer. It's very frustrating as it's massively affecting my enjoyment of the game. So much so I'm not sure how much longer I'll continue to play. It's not my WiFi or connection as every other game works perfectly.

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Battle of Geniuses: Royale Tri Wiki

Join players from all over the world and win intellectual duels! Level 21 is not the limit. We have added 2 levels — and 2 levels of new items in the store too!

The new skill called Resistance is available at level 8 already!

The genius who has conquered the hearts of millions of children and adults — Joanne Kathleen Rowling.

Do you want to play with different geniuses without losing any of them? Now it's possible! Find it in Settings!

Audio questions are now available not only in tournaments, but in regular rounds also, in the Art category.

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