Basketball Life 3D – Dunk Game is an addictive and action-packed basketball game that will have you hooked from the first shot. With stunning 3D graphics and smooth controls, you can experience the thrill of basketball like never before. Challenge yourself in various game modes, from shooting hoops to performing gravity-defying dunks. Unlock new players, upgrade your skills, and rise to the top of the leaderboard. Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, Basketball Life 3D is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

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XICUqD1iwS169January 15, 2024

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This game has too many ads and the ads effect what you're doing.

Is this for elementary students? After the matching part and after I leave this review I'm UNINSTALLING 'cause WHET⁉️

Just Okay. It can be played without wifi, so that helps limit the ads. The issue is the game is so redundant and made more for a child. There is no difficulty, and they take less than 30 seconds. Was fun for a few, but uninstalled for now.

Ads, ads, ads. After every mini game there is an ad. Also, none of the videos work for extras. Other than that it's fun. Can't do all these ads and the lots of extras though. Uninstalling.

It steals from all the other games that involve basketball shooting. It also steals from popular app games like sort the colors. and all the reviews are saying it's the best game ever which I don't get this is dumb. And the graphics are really crappy. One of the worst games of 2020. Especially the ads like come on!!!

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Step on the court for crazy dunks! Challenge yourself & win in basketball game! Fixed bugs.
Improved performance on all devices.

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