Ball Push is a popular game that requires strategy and skill. It involves pushing a ball towards a target, often using various objects or obstacles. The objective is to get the ball as close to the target as possible. Players must carefully calculate the force and direction of their push, taking into account the surface, slope, and any other obstacles in their way. Ball Push can be played competitively or just for fun, making it a versatile and engaging game for all ages.

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kc0BJOXH789December 30, 2023
1G9DbszcPu540December 16, 2023
ji4QmK3bW282December 8, 2023
dg8ltiH3qU2784December 25, 2023
htjQKDarJR357November 25, 2023

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Level keeps repeating. Forced myself to reach level 100 coz im expecting to have more difficult puzzles..but to no avail. Level 100 and still 3 launchers with 1-3 balls? Easy. Became very boring eventually. And what's the purpose of buying thinfs for a house? That was funny and useless af. Ads are tolerable but man, the level of difficulty never changed. I was expecting to have more difficult levels as you progress. So 1 star for you.

First 20 levels are really boring. And the "house decorating" seems obligatory to the style of the game but it's poorly done and rather dull. It's a way to spend coins, which may encourage you to watch adds...bit you don't get to pick anything about the way the house looks

Game is actually fun, but at the end of each level you're given a choice to watch an ad for more coins if you like. When I press 'no thanks,' I'm presented with an ad anyway. I won't rewards such shady tactics, game uninstalled.

I recommend. - fun, pleasant game - easy (some more harder levels would be nice) - clear graphics - smooth, no crashes - cute bonuses - very modest ads (PLEASE KEEP IT THAT WAY). Only one forced 5-sec ad every couple of levels. I don't mind choosing long ads for bonuses because of that. - please ask me for the review much later. Give me more time to try out the game.

The game idea is nice, but it has some optimization problems. It's a simple game and lags so much. (For the people who are complaining about the ads, just turn off internet connection and play it)

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