Bad 2 Bad: Extinction is an exciting mobile game that brings players into a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and animal mutants. As a member of the Special Forces unit, players embark on thrilling missions to eliminate the threats and restore order. With a variety of weapons and characters to choose from, players can strategically build their team and upgrade their skills. The game features engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and intense battles that will keep players hooked. Are you ready to save humanity and survive the extinction? Download Bad 2 Bad: Extinction now and find out!

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Game is pretty fun and solid but I will say it gets pretty annoying in the late game, especially once you get into the Red Zone. Even with Maxed characters, I still get destroyed and fail the mission. There are times when some of your characters just stand there instead of fighting the enemies. Another big issue in the Red Zone is the crazy amount of enemies with shields. You can take them out quickly if you shoot them in the back but too often does my squad follow and keep me from doing so.

It's meh. It's fun at first, but very quickly gets repetitive, and my goodness do you have to watch a ton... A TON of ads to progress. The ads are completely optional, but if you don't watch them, progression would be extremely slow. Also it's not worth the in game purchases; they are way way way too over priced.

It's a fun game you can play at any pase really, there's barely any ads to the point. I've only gotten ads when I want to get some coins or maybe the occasional pop up here and there, but it happens so little it's hard to notice. And the game play/story is pretty thought out. My only complaint is, I wish the reaction time for shooting targets was a little faster. I tend to find myself having to stand still and tank a few hits in order to line up shots right for them to shoot.

So far, it's been an amazing game. I can't really think of anything really wrong with it. Except, I think there are a few too many microtransactions. But apart from that, nothing, really. It has a good plot, acceptable graphics, Fallout Shelter-esk fighting (most of the time, easier though). If you like story-based action, character customization, and lots of fun-isms, you will like this game. Overall, it's an amazing game. Edit: kinda exaggerated some things, but still, amazing.

After playing this a year later, I'm very happy with the constant fixes. However, even with the last bug fixes, there is constant crashes. I thought it was ads so I tried playing offline. I noticed the game crashes after 10 minutes in game when you load a new mission. The game seems to struggle with numerous enemies fighting outside. One thing I have found today is; maxing out your Land Drone will crash the game every time. I love this game but it is unplayable with the stability issues-

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